Charles Bickel

In 1983 Charles Bickel started formal training as an artist painting under the tutelage of Dimitar Krustev who described himself as, “painting in the style of the Dutch Masters”. In the fall of 1989 Bickel studied Graphic Design at Des Moines Area Community College, after DMACC he continued his studies at Drake University. In 1995 Bickel moved to Santa Ana where he had a live/work-space in the Advertising Art Building, he joined several committees that helped cultivate the now flourishing and revitalized old down town Santa Ana Artist’s Village. by 1996 he had galleries in both the Santora and the Empire Building and on 8/3/1996 Bickel was featured on the cover of the LA Times Orange County Metro. In 1999 Bickel returned to Des Moines where he and his cousin Dan Bickel opened a Studio in 2003. In 2015 Bickel returned to California to do three art shows in Santa Ana, Pomona, and Los Angeles. Bickel paints representational pieces on his hand made canvases drawing from Renaissance and contemporary painters. Bickel has both private and corporate collectors and currently resides in Cambridge Iowa where he works in his studio on paintings, sculptures and writing.